Stay in Home Bangalore for Enjoying Weekend

Bangalore is a famous city in India. The city is home to some renowned educational institutions, IT companies and renowned software companies. Bangalore has a stunning botanical garden and a temple that becomes a tourist destination. Because of this factor almost all the youth in Bangalore headed downtown to find work and college. In the midst of a fast-paced life, the city stops over the weekend and people love to explore weekend getaways around Bangalore. To spend the weekend away from work worries and exam pressure people love choosing weekend holiday packages around Bangalore and enjoying their favorite hobby, traveling. Once busy with weekend events local and foreign tourists are given the option to stay at the weekend homes in bangalore. The houses are offered at an affordable price with the concept of eco friendly homes, Because of this concept a lot of tourists spend their time to relax, enjoy the natural beauty in Bangalore.

Many tourist destinations in Bangalore, ranging from religious tours to wildlife tours. But there are some worthy travel destinations you visit:

Nagarhole National Park : This national park is located in southern India which is a place for tiger preservation. The extent of about 6000 km in the western gats. This tourist park is suitable as a reservation of tigers because of its location covered by forests, hills, rivers, waterfalls and valleys. In addition to the tigers this place is also a place for reservations for some animals namely elephants, bison and Indian tigers.

Innovative Film City : A major amusement park in Bangalore called innovative film City. It is about 50 km from Bangalore. This is an amusement park that serves as the best choice for a weekend getaway around Bangalore for complete family enjoyment. This amusement park provides variety of options for recreational activities. Some of the most famous roads are mini golf, horse riding in famous parks like aqua kingdom, haunted mansion, roller coaster, café mode, wild west and amphitheater wax museum, dinosaur museum, cartoon city, etc.

Tirupati : Located at east of Bangalore, this site is a place of pilgrimage and an interesting local cultural center. There are some interesting temples, but there is the richest temple namely Swamy Temple Venkateswara. This temple is considered one of the best options for a weekend getaway around Bangalore. The temple that dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara is the main attraction forces thousands of pilgrims to travel to the region making it one of the busiest pilgrim centers in the world.

There are many more tourist attractions offered Bangalore. In addition to tourist attractions, your family would need a temporary residence, right? The right choice is at home Bangalore. The eco friendly concept will be the second homes in Bangalore for your family. If you want to own the house you can buy it at an affordable price. The property industry combined with the advancement of tourism can make Bangalore as a city of property so it deserves to be a long-term investment.