Investing in Dubai Property

Dubai is a wealthy city in the middle east
Investors dream of getting property there, They want property in Dubai for various reasons:

Capital Appreciation : Dubai property has risen by more than 20% in the last 2 years – Dubai property is still set to see growth forecasts of more than 12% per annum

Tax Free : No Capital Gains Tax, No Income Tax or Inheritance Tax

Dubai Property Prices : Dubai properties are still far cheaper than most major cities – if you could invest in London Docklands 10 years ago would you? Yes

Demand vs Supply  : 85,000 Dubai Properties are being built per year Р52,000 Residency permits are applied for every month! The supply of Dubai properties is not expected to meet the demand for years to come Dubai property Rental Rates Rental rates in Dubai have increased vastly year on year with increases between 20% Р40% in the last 2 years alone

Tourism : The increase in tourism is clear for everyone to see

1.9 Million Visitors in 2000
5.4 Million Visitors in 2005
15 Million Visitors expected by 2010
Dubai will be a Worldwide destination

Dubai is creating a destination with something for everyone – From beautiful beaches, largest shopping malls in the world to the spectacular Dubai land development, 3 times the size of Disney World in Florida and much much more.

Interesting exchange rate : UAE Dirham is pegged in US Dollar

Dubai Business District : Dubai is the center of Middle East business, with 24 hour exchanges and Business Bay in progress, Manhattan in Dubai! Offering major commercial & residential

Investment opportunity : And then to top it of course, year-round sunshine and cosmopolitan lifestyle with various entertainment options to suit every taste taste.